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What is

Myfairbet is an online platform for organising sport betting tournaments (regular tipster competitions, private pools and sponsored pools). Using our platform, you can not only enjoy a lot of fun with your friends and win attractive prizes, but you can also compare your betting skills with other users and improve them continuously. Our platform shows you exactly how skilled you are in betting as we will produce all necessary betting statistics for you and store them for you. So no more self-deceit about your real betting performance, this is the real deal. Last but not least, our platform allows you to tap into the wisdom of the crowd by providing you with analysis of bets placed by our betting community, which you can subsequently use as an inspiration for your own betting at a regular bookmaker.

Is a bookmaker?

No, is NOT a bookmaker. We don’t operate with money. We don’t set the odds, we use odds from other bookies just to count your betting statistics and compare your performance with other players. We will show you in a very entertaining way how successful (or not) you might be at a real bookie. Nevertheless, we can link to different bookmakers and produce other betting content.

Can I deposit money and bet on

No. We do not provide bookmaking services and do not operate with money. We do provide a platform which enables you to either join various betting tournaments or to organise your own betting tournaments based on our pre-defined templates.

Do you provide statistics and standings of sport teams?

No. We don’t display standings, but we display other very interesting statistics of your betting performance. We only provide statistics of players who take part in tournaments organised on the Site.

How do we work and how can you support us? is an entirely free-of-charge site that, however, costs a lot of money to run. We are currently making money only from advertising.

Our philosophy is to give our best by improving the site and its features. Your assistance and feedback on our service is therefore very welcome and important to us. We will very much appreciate it if you decide to organise your own tournament and invite your friends to join the game and play with you.

Registration, Login, Membership

Why should I register on

Without registration you cannot effectively use our services. You can neither join our sponsored pools and tipster competitions, nor organise your own pools. Without a user account you can’t submit bets, and your statistics cannot be calculated. Registration is very simple, free of charge and we are confident you will enjoy our original service.

Do you charge for the registration on your site?

No. The registration on our site is completely free of charge.

What can I do if I didn’t receive the welcome email?

Our system is working fine, but some problems might occasionally occur. If you are not receiving your welcome email, please check your spam filter or anything else that might be blocking emails from the Site. If that fails, please try to register with a different email address or contact us to address the issue.

What can I do if I register correctly but I don’t remember my password anymore?

Click on the “Forgot your password?” link in the login box or click here. Enter the email with which you are used to logging in and click the Reset Password button. Your password will be reset and the new password will be sent to your email address.

Can I have more than one account?

No, you cannot have more than one account on the Site. To make the tournament competition fair, as our mission is to be a fair service, each person is only allowed to have one account at a time. You may, however, join several instances of the same tournament and bet within different groups of friends.

Why is my account suspended?

Your account might be suspended if we suspect that one tipster has very similar/same bets to another tipster. In such cases, we need to verify that these tipsters are in fact two different people. Once this is resolved to our satisfaction, your account will be re-activated and can be used normally again. This rule is very much related to the previous one.

Can you cancel my account?

Yes. We will regularly remove inactive, unused, and obsolete accounts to keep our user base fresh and the site uncluttered and speedy. We consider any account that hasn’t been logged into for over 12 months inactive. You will, of course, be notified before we cancel your account and be given 30 days to login and avoid the cancellation of your account. Not activated new accounts may be deleted without warning. For these reasons, please make sure to use an email address that you regularly check.

Why do you need my email address?

Email is the most important communication link between the Site and you. We might use it in these cases, for example:

You do, of course, have the option to opt out of receiving tournament invitations and marketing communication.

If you fail to provide a functional email address, you will not be able to activate your account and use the site. For these reasons, please make sure to use an email address that you regularly check.

Can I change my display name?

No. Given that people compete against each other and post comments, we would all find it too confusing if a player could change her or his display name at will.

How do I change my registered email address?

Coming soon…

How do I stop receiving emails from the Site?

Coming soon…

Betting in Regular (Monthly) Tipster Competitions

What is a Tipster Competition and how does it work?

Tipster Competition comprises of up to date offer of football, ice hockey, basketball and tennis matches. You can place your bets on random number of betting opportunities from the matches and odds offer. Winner of a tipster competition is the player who within the defined period of the competition (generally a calendar month) achieves the highest virtual profit (LSP). For more information regarding criterions of evaluation of tipsters, please see chapter Competition Rules.

Every placed bet in the tipster competitions is counted into your overall betting statistics. You can find all your betting statistics on your profile page.

Why do I not see in the matches’ offer all of the matches which haven’t been played yet?

The possibility to place bets on matches in the tipster competitions expires 6 hours before the matches officially start. The reason is that we subsequently publish betting analysis of all bets placed by our tipsters, which you can use as an inspiration for your own betting at a regular bookie. On the other hand, if we allowed our players to place bets in the tipster competitions even after the betting analyses have been published, we would be manipulating the results of the actual tipster competitions since some players would be given advantage over others.

When does a tipster competition start and when does it finish?

The beginning of every tipster competition is clearly stated in the competition’s conditions, which every player must accept before taking part in the competition. To avoid any misunderstandings, we follow the Coordinated World Time (UTC). A tipster competition ends with processing of bets on the last match within the respective competition, which were placed by players who took part in the tipster competition. Evaluation of results of a tipster competition could be delayed due to unfinished matches and matches in progress. For more information regarding evaluation of matches, please see chapter “Placing Bets”.

What betting opportunities/markets can I place my bets on?

In a single match, you can place your bets on any of the following betting markets:

Some matches are only provided with some of the betting markets, not all of them. On a single match, you can place at the most 3 different bets (one bet per betting market), given that such match is provided with all 3 betting markets. For more information about bets, please see chapter “Competition Rules”.

How can I claim a prize that I’ve won in a tipster competition?

All conditions regarding claiming a prize can be found in competition terms that you must approve prior to joining a tipster competition.

Organising Pools

What is a “Pool”?

A „Pool” is a themed sport betting tournament which is usually held at the occasion of the most popular sporting events such as world championships in soccer, hockey, basketball, handball, etc. Pools are organised either by (so called „sponsored pools“) or by our users (so called „private pools“), using our smart pool templates. Via these templates, we provide content (matches, odds, results and validation of bets) for the private pools, which can easily organise every registered user. The main task of an organiser of a private pools is to invite people into the game; the rest will be managed by us. Sponsored pools are organized by for all users who are registered on our site and willing to join.

Results from pools, unlike results from regular monthly tipster competitions, are not counted into your long term personal betting statistics, and are only processed due to evaluation of a specific pool.

What is a “private pool”?

Private pool is a sport betting tournament which our user can organize using our smart pool templates. You can decide whether your private pool will have a higher or a lower level of security. Choosing a higher level of security for your private pool will result in lower probability of your pool being joined by random players (due to a special secret token included in your private pool link).

What is a “sponsored pool”?

Sponsored pool is a sport betting tournament which we – organize using our smart pool templates. It can be joined by all our registered players. Players in the sponsored pool usually compete for prizes which are provided either by us or by one of our business partners. Through sponsored pools you are able to compare your betting abilities with players from all around the globe.

How can I set up my own “pool”?

You can organise your own pool by clicking on the link “Organise pool” on the “My Pools” page or you can also find that link in the main menu. Just select the pool template prepared for the actual sport event, decide whether you want to have a pool only with your friends (private pool), or a pool into which your friends can also invite other people (public pool), decide whether you want to have a wall for comments or not, type a name of the pool and your short personalised headline for it (we recommend something motivating :) and press the “create” button. Your pool has just been created.

How can I invite my friends into a pool?

After creating your own pool, you become an organiser with certain administration rights:

What kind of pools can I set up?

You can create pools with higher or lower level of security. The difference between them is that pools with a higher level of security, cannot be joined without knowing the exact tournament link, which is only know to the organizer of the tournament and invited players. Also, all the comments to such pools are hidden for players who have not joined them. By pools with lower level of security, it is much easier for random players to join the pool and comments are accessible for everyone who can access the pool page.

How can I join a pool?

First you have to be registered and logged in, and after that you just press the join button on the “My pools” page. You can also join directly from your personal “My Wall” page when you have received an invitation to (join) a pool from your friends or from

Placing Bets

How can I place a bet?

After you join a specific pool or a tipster competition, you can start placing bets on matches chosen from the actual match offer published in the current matches bookmark. Every bet is considered to be placed as a single bet with the same stake of 1 unit. In other words, every player can place only single bet in a tournament, no cumulative bets (accumulators *) are possible. Players can, of course, first make all bet selections and after that confirm them by clicking on the button in the ‘Bet Selection’ box. Once the player confirms the bet selection, all the games he tipped on will disappear from the current matches bookmark.

Using this approach to betting, the results of players are fully comparable, as every player can achieve betting results regardless of the amount of bankroll balance and has a certain number of bets corresponding potentially up to the number of matches during each tournament.

* An accumulator or parlay bet is a single bet which is linked on a number of other wagers, and the outcome is dependent on all the wagers winning.

Can I edit my bets?

We don’t allow edition of tips you have already confirmed, so you need to be careful when making your choices, like you would do with a real bet at a real bookmaker.

Can I place multiple bets in a pool?

No, we don’t support multiple bets in pools. The main reason is that it can make the pool more about luck rather than ability and skills. We prefer the pool results to be based on a long term consistency that every player has a chance to show during each pool.

Can I be involved in more than one pool held by the same sport event?

Every pool is considered an independent sport betting tournament so every player can be involved in as many pools as he wishes to. Although it might not be logical, you can also place different bets on the same games in different pools.

Example: If you favoured Spain to win against Brazil in one pool, it doesn’t automatically mean that you have to make the same bet in other pools in which you are also involved.

Where can I find my bets?

Every bet can be found in the “My Results” page in each respective tournament.

Can other tipsters see my bets which have not been validated yet?

No. For the purpose of competing on the platform, other players can’t see your bets that have not yet been validated. We want to ensure that our competitions and tournaments (pools) are won by the best players.

However, we do publish betting analysis of individual matches, which are based on bets placed in our regular tipster competitions. These analyses are published only after the possibility to place bets on a particular match at has already expired, but you can use them as an inspiration for your own betting at a regular bookie, since you have access to them 6 hours before the actual match has started.

I have made a mistake in a bet, can I fix it?

Unfortunately, such functionality could be abused and lead to speculative betting. For those reasons, we do not allow players to alter their submitted bets.

What if I think my bets are not processed correctly?

Please note that the profit/loss column (LSP column) in the standing chart does not include your stake return. It is just the profit or loss after your stake has been deducted. So a 3.20 winning tip considered to be made with a stake of 1 unit means a 2.20 profit, not a 3.20 return.

If you are in doubt whether your bet has been processed correctly, please report this to us. All complaints must include the exact details of your bet and a link to a reputable source for the correct result.

At the same time, please be sure that you fully understand:

  1. which event you have placed your bet on (can be confusing for baseball matches in particular)
  2. how the bet pay-out works (can be confusing for Asian Handicaps or for tennis games when retired and special betting rules are applied)

If you wish to contact us, please use the contact form.

When will be my bets be validated?

We are trying to validate each bet as soon as possible. Our results are updated 10 times a day via an automatized system. Since some of our data are outsourced from an external provider, a connection failure or other system failure can occur, which might cause delay in validation of results. Please be patient and give us at least 24 hours from the official match result until we validate the bets.

When are the tipster tables/bars updated?

Tipster bars/tables in every tournament or tipster competition are updated 10 times a day together with continuous validation of bets.

How often are the odds updated?

The odds are set only once, we do not update them since we want to have fully comparable betting results and same betting conditions among all tipsters in each pool or tipster competition. Of course, there can be some differences in odds by real bookies at the time when you are placing a specific bet, but we do not take these differences into account by evaluating your long term betting performance (one time the odds in our betting offer can be higher, the other time can be lower than those of other bookies). In fact, one is hardly able to optimise the time for placing bets according to the time when the odds are most favourable for her or him.

What game-time are bets placed on? How do you validate a match that has been decided in over time or penalty shootout?

All placed bets are validated after the regular game-time. Over time or penalty shootout do not have any influence on validation of your bets.

How will you evaluate an uncompleted match?

If a specific match is not played to a regular conclusion, all bets on this match will be voided, even if an official result has been declared later on. This includes mostly tennis matches where some retirements might happen. This rule will, of course, not apply when, for instance, a tennis match is interrupted due to adverse weather conditions. In such cases, all bets will be validated after the match is played to the conclusion.

Do you store past results and past odds?

Yes. All past matches and odds you bet on are stored and available in each respective tournament you played. This data will be stored on our site for one year at least.

Competition Rules

What does Level Stakes Profit (LSP) mean?

This is the simplest and often also considered the lowest risk method of placing bets. The same level stake is placed on every bet you make. We consider your bet to always be 1 unit with every bet placed. So if you place a single bet at the odds 3, you can win 2 level stakes profit units but lose 1 unit which was placed on the bet.

What does ROI mean?

ROI = Return On Investment. ROI is a percentage return on staked finances. We display ROI for each user, so you can see how (un)successful they are compared to you.

What does 1X2 mean?

Betting market 1X2 is collectively referred to as betting on the match winner. A bet on 1 means the victory of the home team/player or the first introduced team/player, X is a bet on a draw and a bet on 2 assumes the victory of the visitor/s.

What does handicap mean?

Betting on the handicap market is becoming more and more popular. Low odds on heavy favourites around the 1.05 level are not interesting for experienced and smart tipsters. However, player that has a high trust in a favourite can place bet on the favourite’s victory with a goal disadvantage expressed with a handicap. Handicap (a goal advantage or disadvantage), which is used on, is always applied to the home team. Goal advantage of the home team is always expressed with a plus handicap, goal disadvantage with a minus handicap.

For instance, if a handicap at is (+ 0.5 goal) and a match results in a draw, the half goal is added to the home team as a handicap advantage and at validation of the bets the home team is considered winner of the match. If the handicap is (+1.5 goal) and the home team loses by 2 goals, at validation of the bets the match is considered victory of the visitors 1.5 to 2.

Naturally, also the opposite situation can occur. If a handicap is negative (e.g. -1.5 goal), the home team is considered a strong favourite and must win the match by at least 2 goals to be considered its winner.

What happens though if the home team has a negative handicap of -2 goal and the result of the match is 2:0? Under such circumstances, the match is validated as a draw. Nevertheless, since you could have only placed your bet on a win a loss, your get your stake back. At, such situation means that your LSP from this match equals zero.

What does “line” mean?

Betting on number of goals is about goal line against which bets are placed. If, for instance, the line is set on 2.5 goad and you have chosen the option “over”, there must be at least 3 goals scored in the particular match for your bet to be successful.

What does “handicap level” mean?

Betting on handicaps is about the size of the goal advantage or disadvantage, which is assigned to the home team. If the handicap is negative, the home team has a goal disadvantage, if it is positive, the home team has a goal advantage.

How does a pool work?

Pools consists of a certain set of matches (betting opportunities) and every player can bet on as many matches as he wishes. Of course, there is a limitation under which every player can bet on every betting opportunity only once and with the same stake of 1 unit. There is also no possibility to place multiple bets. Every tipster in a pool tries to win as much level stakes profit as he can with his bets. We display profit or loss through the Level Stakes Profit (LSP) indicator. A positive LSP indicator means, you could be profitable with a real bookie on a cumulative basis if you placed bets with the same stake. If your LSP indicator is negative, you would be in a loss. The total lost (or profit) in financial expression can be simply counted when the LSP indicator is multiplied by the financial value of the basic betting stake. Every player can continue to bet regardless of the total value of the LSP indicator in a particular pool, which in other words means, we don’t take into account that the players might go bankrupt (can lose their whole virtual betting bank during the pool). If both players achieve the same value of LSP, the second important criterion for making rankings is the value of the ROI.

What happens if I bet on an event which was interrupted, cancelled, postponed, or retired?

In the event of a match starting but not being completed, all bets will be void. This rule will, of course, not apply when a match (mostly tennis, but also football) is interrupted due to adverse weather conditions. In such cases, all bets will be validated after the match is actually played to the conclusion.

In the event of a match that did not start on the planned date and was postponed for more than 48 hours from its expected start, all bets placed on this match will be void. If the postponed match started less than 48 hours from its expected date, all bets will be valid after the match is played to its final conclusion.

In the event of a match which was cancelled or retired, all bets will be void.

How are bets settled?

Most bets are settled in the same way as they would be at a traditional bookmaker. Results of bets will be updated 10 times a day. We will endeavour to ensure that results are processed promptly, however, this cannot be guaranteed and possible failures on our part in this respect are just bad luck.

Bets are void if the sports event was not held or there is no official result – this will result in a refund of your bet stake. Disputes and concerns should be emailed to us and we will endeavour to sort the matter out in the fairest way possible. However, our decision is final.


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