Czech Extraliga ice hockey betting tips

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Czech Extraliga ice hockey betting tips

Join our betting community now and gain unique access to Czech Extraliga hockey betting tips and betting predictions from our experienced tipsters, who are willing to share and exchange their betting know-how with others. The Czech Extraliga was founded in 1993 following the breakup of Czechoslovakia and it has been considered one of the best and most popular hockey leagues in Europe since. Many foreign hockey players are interested in playing in the Czech Extraliga, especially because of its increasing quality and new wealthy sponsors supporting the league in recent years. Fourteen teams compete every season to win the title, each of them playing about 70 games per season. Most titles (6) have so far won players of HC Vsetín with five consecutive wins between years 1995 and 1999. Last year’s champions HC Verva Litvínov are not as popular among fans as for example HC Sparta Praha, HC Slavia Praha or HC Pardubice, which have all won the league’s title at least twice in their history. A lot of different tipsters have found their passion for Czech Extraliga hockey betting tips and have developed some proven strategies, so you do not have to rely on luck anymore and you can profit from these successful strategies. Enter our betting community and increase your betting profitability immediately.


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