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Are you looking for high quality football betting tips and predictions? If so, you are at the right place at We bring you daily football betting tips and their detailed analysis performed by our top tipsters. Why should you actually rely on our particular betting tips? The main reason is that at you choose football betting tips from football tipsters who have already proven their great football betting skills. Are you asking how? Well, is a betting community and platform for organizing tipster competitions and office pools as well as for sharing of betting know-how. Tipsters at play free to enter tipster competitions and with every placed bet they build their betting reputation. Be it football predictions or any other sport predictions, our system records and evaluates every single bet and calculates real-life tipster statistics. This is possible due to the fact that all betting odds at come from existing commercial bookies. Tipsters bet at our platform as if they placed a one euro stake on each betting opportunity, which means that their betting statistics are truly objective and are not distorted with a random huge price caused by placing a big stake on one betting opportunity. is different from other betting sites and advisory services that often misinterpret historical statistics and offer “guaranteed” football betting tips (or other sport betting tips) at a hefty fee. We are simply faithful to our values, we are transparent (at the end of the day, we are called and we are innovative. Tipsters can choose from a big variety of football matches which are continuously, 3 days before their start, added to our offer of betting opportunities, whilst placing bets at our matches ends 6 hours before their start. As soon as the possibility to place bets on a particular football match is over, all betting tips placed on this match by our community are displayed at our site in a form of a smart overview. This system enables us to identify those tipsters who truly possess betting know how. Many other betting sites allow copying of football tipsters as soon as they have placed bets in tipster competitions which inevitably makes it difficult to distinguish between tipsters who possess real know-how and tipsters who only use the know-how of others. At you can be sure that only tipsters who truly know “their stuff” can be profitable in our competitions and tournaments from a long term point of view. However, the best thing is that access to betting analysis and football betting tips and predictions from our top tipsters is completely free of charge. Every player registered at our site can utilize our best football betting tips at a real commercial bookie and benefit from them. Furthermore, players can also take part in our free to enter tipster competitions and thematic office pools and win great prices. There are many ways how you can use to improve your betting skills, or to just have some fun. All it takes is to register free of charge! What kind of football betting tips can you find at our site? At you can find football betting tips from the most prestigious football leagues. Currently we offer football betting tips from 22 top football leagues. Besides, we also provide betting predictions on Champions league, European league and international football competitions. On top of that, at the occasion of the biggest football tournaments such as football world championship or EURO championship we also organize thematic office pools with attractive prizes. What kind of football bets can you place in our tipster competitions? While betting on football matches in our tipster competitions, tipster can place their bets on win-draw-loss (referred to as the 1X2 opportunity), number of goals scored in a particular match (referred to as O/U opportunity) or they can place handicap bets (referred to as HC). Handicap bets on football matches work in a way that the home team is awarded advantage or disadvantage in terms of number of goals. If we talk about goal advantage, the handicap is positive (e.g. +0,50 g), if we talk about goal disadvantage, the handicap is negative (e.g. -1,00 g). A more detailed explanation of football handicap bets can be found in the tipster competition help section or on our FAQ page. Players can place as many as three bets on a particular football match, each bet on a different betting opportunity (as we have mentioned earlier, we mark them with abbreviations 1X2, O/U, HC). Your very own football World championship or EURO championship office pool? For many football fans, football World championship or EURO championship is a very special occasion that motivates them to organize various office pools and betting tournaments. Previously people only organized such pools/tournaments using pen and paper or spread sheets in better case, which was very time consuming. Using our smart office pool templates, you can organize your very own private office pool at in just few clicks. Our system records and evaluates all placed bets and lines players up according to their success rate. Your only task is to invite other players into your pool and have fun with them. Bets placed on football matches within office pools (outside of regular tipster competitions) are not counted in players’ overall statistics. This is because players can simultaneously participate in several office pools based on one smart office pool template (each played with a different crowd), and can place different bets on the same match in each of those pools. Counting those bets into the overall players’ statistics would manipulate and distort them. Good news is that organisation of your private office pool at is also completely free of charge. Furthermore, in many of our myfairbet office pools we also organize the best organizer competition for attractive prizes that are awarded to players who organize office pool with the highest number of participants.


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