Football betting predictions for polish Ekstraklasa

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Football betting predictions for polish Ekstraklasa

Interested in Ekstraklasa betting tips and predictions? Six hours before the start of any particular match we reveal Ekstraklasa betting tips of our betting community, that can help you prepare your own bets. Polish Ekstraklasa is ranked 13th in the official UEFA coefficients of leagues, it was founded in 1927 and it has had 16 different champions until now. The best teams in Ekstraklasa’s history are Górnik Zabrze and Wisla Kraków with 14 titles. However, neither of these teams has been recently able to reach as great success as they did in the past. The last time that Wisla Kraków won the title was in 2011 and Górnik Zabrze even in 1988. The teams which have been performing significantly better in the last years are Legia Warszawa, which won Ekstraklasa in 2013/2014 and the last year‘s champion Lech Poznaň. Polish fans are well known because of their passion for football, which you can experience at the matches of Ekstraklasa, always having a great atmosphere. There is a huge rivalry between the different teams‘ groups of fans in the league, often also accompanied with violence, but the fans are able to get over these conflicts at matches of the Polish national team, when they all pull together and create a fantastic atmosphere and support to the players. You can partially enjoy this atmosphere and excitement by betting at the polish Ekstraklasa, so become a member of our betting community and get the top Ekstraklasa betting tips today!


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