Football betting tips and predictions for French Ligue 1

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Football betting tips and predictions for French Ligue 1

Are you interested in betting at Ligue 1, but don’t want to spend hours analysing each game, team or player? We have a solution for you. The best tipsters from our betting community will do the hard work instead of you and subsequently let you use their French Ligue 1 betting tips. What is the catch? Well, there is none actually. You increase your betting profitability, they increase their betting reputation. It’s a win win situation. If you want to start using the hottest Ligue 1 betting predictions out there, simply register with us for free today and follow our best tipsters. French Ligue 1 has been in recent years dominated by club having millions on its accounts – Paris Saint-Germain, who was able to lure into its team stars such as Ibrahimovic, Di Maria and Brazilian defenders Luiz and Silva. They managed to win the league's title in the last two seasons and it seems that for some time we will observe a one team dominance in Ligue 1. Something similar has managed to do in recent years Lyon, who triumphed in Ligue 1 from 2002 to 2008. Since then teams as Bordeaux, Marseille, Lille and Montpellier also won the title. However, they weren’t that successful in European competitions, although they do not belong to the easy win opponents either. The Ligue 1 is ‘’only’’ on the sixth place in the UEFA’s historical ranking of leagues, however, professional Ligue 1 betting tips are extremely popular.


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