Free hockey betting tips on Slovak Tipsport League

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Free hockey betting tips on Slovak Tipsport League

Looking for the top Slovak hockey league betting tips and predictions? Within our community, you can easily find all information and statistics needed to increase your betting profitability on the Slovak hockey league. You can rely on our betting experts and take advantage of their long term betting strategy. The Slovak Tipsport Liga, which was in 2012 ranked the sixth strongest hockey league in the world by The Hockey News magazine, was founded in 1994. In recent years we have witnessed increasing number of foreign players in the Tipsport Extraliga. Since its foundation, only five teams have won the league’s title. MsHK Zilina has won it once, HK Dukla Trencin and HKm Zvolen twice, and the most successful teams in the league’s history are HC Kosice and HC Slovan Bratislava (both with 8 titles). However, HC Slovan joined the KHL in 2012 and currently doesn’t compete for the Extraliga title. In Slovak Tipsport Liga play together 11 teams, but one of them, The HK Orange 20, is a project for preparation of the Slovak Juniors for the World U20 Championship. The team does not play the whole regular season which consists of 57 games and cannot advance to playoffs. 8 out of 10 teams can reach the playoffs and compete to win the league´s title. HC Košice is the champion of the last two seasons and is the biggest favorite this year as well. With our community, you do not have to use any random strategies and anonymous predictions. Our Slovak hockey league betting tips are based on experience and knowledge, so join our community and make some profit out of it today!


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