Synot liga free betting tips for today

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Synot liga free betting tips for today

Interested in the Czech Synot League betting tips and predictions? Regularly, six hours before the start of any particular match we reveal betting tips of our betting community, so that you can get inspired for placing your own bets. The Czech Synot League is a relatively young football league. It was founded in season 1993/1994, when the historically most successful Czech team Sparta Praha (12 league’s titles) won the title. Despite this dominance of Sparta Praha, four other clubs were able to win the league‘s title - Slavia Praha (3 titles), Slovan Liberec (3 titles), Baník Ostrava (1 title) and winner from the last season Viktoria Plzeň (3 titles). Synot League has made a significant progress over the last years and it is ranked eleventh in the official UEFA coefficients of leagues in the current season. One of the factors that has contributed to this progress is the presence of hig quality football players from another countries in the Czech football league. It was for example the great striker Bony Wilfried in the past, who is nowadays scoring goals in the English Premier League. If you enjoy betting on the Czech Synot League, become one of us and compare your Czech Synot League betting tips with our best tipsters.


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