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Register at today and gain access to reliable and professional tennis betting tips from our tennis experts. Each registered player can utilize our unique betting tips analysis and benefit from it. All our tennis predictions are totally free of charge. Why should I trust tennis betting tips provided at your site? was founded, above all, to bring more “light” and transparency into sport betting. All experienced tipsters are aware of the fact that bookies not only have a big advantage over tipsters in terms of odds (yep, if you don’t know it yet, real odds offered by bookies are lower than they should be because of bookies’ hefty margins) but also in terms of disposable information. Let’s be honest, does actually anybody believes that tipsters have access to better stats and information than bookies? The only option for tipsters to overcome this disadvantage is to pull together and share know-how. Be it tennis betting tips, football betting tips or ice hockey betting tips, is here to help you. Our platform has been developed for all tipster who want to improve their sport betting skills. We don’t want to feed you with made up statistics and sell you dubious tennis betting tips. Our number one rule is transparency, after all, we are! Would you like to know what it actually means? Placing bets on matches in our tipster competitions is available to all registered players, completely free of charge. With placing their first bet, players begin to develop their betting reputation in individual sports. If somebody wants to be considered a tennis betting expert, they must demonstrate their abilities by long term success rate of tennis bets placed at our platform. Every tennis bet, every tennis tip is based or real odds provided by real commercial bookies. Players place their bets individually and each placed bet is considered to have a value of one euro – that’s the principle of our tipster competitions and also the only objective criterion to evaluate betting abilities of tipsters (by avoiding random big profits caused by placing big stakes). Betting on matches, not only tennis matches, usually starts three days before their start and closes six hours before their start. At this moment you can find on our website all tennis betting tips of our registered tipsters. It’s up to you which of them you will take into consideration and which of them you will ignore. Next to each tipster you can find their overall tennis betting statistic – LSP indicator. The LSP indicator represents the overall profit or loss achieved by a particular tipster from betting on a particular sport. If you are interested, you can learn more about LSP in our FAQ section. Important is that we don’t allow our tipsters to copy tennis betting tips of other tipster while betting at This is to distinguish between the real tennis betting experts and the copy cats. Because of this approach, you can be confident that the tipster you would like to get inspired from has built his reputation using his own betting skills and not by copying somebody else. Once you choose your favourite tennis betting expert, you can benefit from his tennis betting tips by using it at a real commercial bookie. What kind of tennis betting tips can you find at We offer to tipsters the most important man and women tennis tournaments. Specifically, we bring you matches from major tournaments (excluding qualifications) with prize money over 1 mil USD. On a yearly basis, this means thousands of matches in more than 30 tournaments on the main circuits ATP and WTA. At present, our players can only place bets on the end results of tennis matches. If a specific tennis match doesn’t finish because of a player’s scratch, all bets placed on the specific match are annulled. More information about evaluation of tennis bets can be found in our FAQ section. What about your own grand slam office pool? The most prestigious regular tennis events of all are the four grand slam tournaments – Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. If you have a group of friends who are just as big tennis fans as yourself, why don’t you organize your very own private office pool with them in less than a minute? Our system collects and evaluates all placed tennis tips instead of you and creates and automatically updates ranking of players who participate in your pool. Your only role is to create the actual pool (using our smart templates it doesn’t take more than 20 seconds) and to invite other players into it. And the best comes in the end, placing bets on tennis matches in our tipster competitions, as well as organizing of your own office pool is completely free of charge. So don’t hesitate and join us now!


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