Tippeligaen betting tips and predictions

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Tippeligaen betting tips and predictions

Looking for the hottest Tippeligaen football betting tips and predictions? Six hours before the start of any particular match we reveal Tippeligaen betting tips of our betting community which you can use without any charge to place your own bets at a regular bookie. The fact that it is currently the best football league among Scandinavian countries (ranked tenth in the official UEFA coefficients of leagues) clearly demonstrates its high quality. It was founded in 1937 and it was originally called Norgesserien. The name Tippeligaen was assigned to the league in season 1990/1991 because of its new main sponsor Norsk Tipping. During its 80 years existence, Tippeligaen has produced 16 different champions, from which the most successful one is Rosenborg Trondheim with 23 titles, followed by Fredrikstad (the first champion of Tippeligaen of season 1937/1938) with 9 titles and Viking with eight titles. The champion of the last season - Rosenborg Trondheim has, however, more than an equal rival in the last several seasons of the highest Norwegian league. It is Molde, that was able to win the Tippeligaen in years 2011, 2012 and 2014. There are no doubts about equivalency and rivalry of the Tippeligaen clubs, which guarantees interesting betting opportunities. Therefore, join our betting community today and get the best Tippeligaen football betting tips out there.


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