5 Most Common Betting Mistakes By Sport Bettors

5 Most Common Betting Mistakes By Sport Bettors

on 25-Apr-2017 by MyFairBet Admin

Many newbie punters come into sports betting thinking that this is their ticket out of the 9 to 5 grind but that, amongst the other most common betting mistakes punters do, is a huge mistake and something we will explore further down in this post today.

Today, we are looking at some common no-nos that we have observed are a common occurrence in the world of sports betting, especially with newbie punters. This post will give you a clear idea of what not to do that will hopefully make your journey of your new betting hobby much more enjoyable.


1. Mistake: Over Betting


Over betting is a common thread we see even amongst the many experienced bettors who read our site each and every week. Over betting, which basically means betting more than you should and more than you can afford is a slippery slope to having a betting / gambling addiction which as I am sure you know; is a very troubling situation to be in.

Please do not over bet; the peace of mind alone is a huge benefit in itself and the more you risk, the more you are bound to lose.

Also, do not ever make the mistake of placing a bigger bet to try to recover the losses from a previous lost bet. That is suicide and you're practically playing Russian roulette with your money; not wise.

We mentioned this “common betting mistake” first because it’s one of the best take-away and lessons you can learn today so please make sure you do not over bet and also do not get emotionally involved with your betting.


2. Mistake: Getting Emotionally Involved


Sports betting should be considered a form of entertainment first. We do not recommend to consider betting an investment opportunity (especially in the case of betting newbies) and it’s also not something you want to attach many emotions to as at the end of the day; you are basing your mood on luck and that is never a good idea.

Also, as a side note, we suggest you never place a bet on your favorite team; this too will involve a lot of emotion and it might make you choose (and place) bets which are not the best for you.


3. Mistake: Not Looking For The Best Bonuses


Bonuses are abundant online and just by looking for the best sports betting bonuses available on the internet can save you a lot of time and also gives you some “free money” to bet with. For example, at Alpha Sports Betting website you can constantly find and grab the best betting bonuses. They are provided in cooperation with top rated bookmakers.


4. Mistake: Not Looking For The Best Odds


If you want to bet long-term successfully, be aware that every single percentage of better odds counts. We recommend to open betting accounts with multiple reliable bookies, which give you access to various promotional bonuses and of course to better odds as well. If you decide to accept worse odds than are currently available you are doing on of the most common betting mistakes. (Please feel free to make adjustments)


5. Not Knowing The Sports


Big events such as the forthcoming rumoured fight between Mayweather and Conor McGregor will bring with it a lot of newbie punters who would decide to place a wager on this fight. Seeing as how it is such a monumental event, then yes this is a good idea but as a general rule to remember; do not bet on sports you do not quite know and understand.

There’s a lot of sporting events to choose from, and bookmaker provided a wide range of betting markets and betting options to cater to these events but that does not mean you should be placing bets on sports you never even watched.

Ideally, you know what sports you're betting on; this will give you (at least) a fighting chance at winning some bets.


In Closing


Thank you for reading our list of the 5 most common betting mistakes newbie punters fall victim to. We are sure you’re guilty of some of these so please let us know down below what your experiences where and how you managed to learn and grow from it.

For more sports betting reviews and tips, except myfairbet we advise you to also visit our friends from Alpha Sports Betting website.


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