Run office pools fast and easy

Run office pools fast and easy

on 24-Oct-2016 by MyFairBet Admin

Office pools have been enjoying growing popularity recently. They are popular not only in work teams, but also among friends or even family members who share passion for sport. However, not all office pools are that great. Does creating complex spreadsheets in Excel bother you? Are you tired of spending hours and hours of your time creating office pools on paper? If the answer is yes, has a solution for you.

Smart tournament templates we use for organizing and management of office pools on our website will do all the hard work instead of you. Your role will be limited to selection of the desired tournament template and sending out invitations to your friends through social networks or email. All the necessary information about your office pool will be available on your wall. Overall standings of the pool, success rate of your tips and tips of the other competitors as well as a lot of other necessary information will be available in simple and transparent charts or graphs. If you decide to organize office pool for your friends you will be no longer robbed of your free time.

The organisation of an office pool will take you no more than 30 seconds

The whole process is incredibly simple and takes not more than one minute of your time. First thing you need to do is to choose “Organise Pool” option in the main menu.

The next step is to choose one of our currently available pool templates, such as

You can also decide if you will set up a public (open to everyone who will get a link to your pool) or a private (open only to people you invite directly) office pool. You can also enable or disable discussion thread (we definitely recommend to allow for comments, atmosphere of the tournament will improve significantly), give the pool a name and add a short description to it. Once you have done this, you just press on the “Create New Pool” button and your first very own office pool has just been created.

Your last task is to invite your friends/colleagues/classmates to join your pool, which you can do either via sharing your own office pool link on the social networks you use, or by sending the tournament link in an email.

At this point, your work with organizing the pool is over (you see, we told you it won’t take more than a minute). Now you just sit, relax and enjoy the competition (and of course, don’t forget to place your bets ;-)). In the meantime, we will take care of the matches, odds, results, and statistics for you. And we will do it for free for you no matter how many tipster will join your pool.

Organizing your own office pool can be a great teambuilding activity for your office or class, or just an excellent way how to decide who the “real sport expert” among your friends is. To make the office pool even more interesting, you can, naturally, decide to play for a prize for the best player/s.

Picture: Creating an office pool using our service is a simple task 

Office pool setup.jpg

What are the competition rules of our office pools?

Game rules of our office pools are very simple. As long as you understand the principle of the odds offer used by traditional bookies, understanding our office pool rules will be no problem for you at all. Each match will have its real betting odds that, just like at traditional bookmakers, reflect the current form of both teams, or, if you like, the probability of the teams to win in the match. Individual matches can´t be combined with each other, so one match is always considered one single betting event. Stake on every betting event is fixed and it´s virtual 1 euro. When your bet is winning, you get just the amount of the odd you’ve bet on. On the contrary, if your bet is losing, you lose your virtual 1 euro stake. Since there is no deposit of real money allowed, you constantly operate with only fictitious stake. This is also why you can´t pay out your winning bets. Your aim is to finish the pool with the largest profit (LSP) out of all its contestants.

Game rules in four easy points

  1. You place your bets just like you would do at a standard bookie. On real matches with real odds, but without money.
  2. Every bet is calculated as a 1 Euro bet. If your bet is a winner, you achieve profit bassed on the odds, if not, you lose your virtual stake of 1 Euro.
  3. Every bet is considered an individual bet, no multiple bets are allowed, which means that the odds do not multiply by each other.
  4. You play against the other player in the tournament. The player who has achieved the highest profit (LSP) in the tournament wins. However, nobody can lose in our pools, you can just win.

Before you start organizing an office pool at work..

The organization of an office pool at the workplace is also associated with certain obligations. If you are planning to organize a similar event and don´t want to get into unnecessary trouble, you need to properly study the work policy of your company. Some employers prohibit such activities. In some countries it´s even illegal (see our explanation below). Knowledge of legislation should therefore be in the first place. Euro 2016 office pool shouldn´t be a work time drainer for you or in any way reduce your performance and definitely shouldn´t be the sole topic of conversation at work. Office pools should also not interfere with relationships at work and knock anybody out of collective. A certain rivalry between competitors is needed but it´s important to realize that it´s all about fun after all.

We advise you to keep these 7 rules of engagement

  1. It is important to remember that your work hours, energy, and focus are valuable resources for the company and as such, there should be no conflict of interest between productivity of work and the organisation and enjoyment of office pools. Adhere to rules and guidelines provided by management.
  2. As previously explained, if using a company email or internal chat forum to invite potential participants, be aware of the company’s policy regarding office pools. Do not use the company’s platform to link to social media pages concerning office pools.
  3. Although company policy and culture may deem office pools acceptable, some co-workers might be averse to the concept of office pools on moral or religious grounds: even if the particular pools does not involve money, and is only being played to boost office morale or for ‘bragging rights’. The advice here is to be discreet and not let the pool become the major topic of conversation to such an extent that non-participants may feel excluded.
  4. Make sure the pool is simple, friendly, and transparent. Remember that the primary driver of most office pools is the fun factor and team-building goals. If there is money involved in the office pool, make sure the amounts are ‘sensible’ and that way, the office pool can be kept in check and not allowed to morph into some kind of ‘frankenpool’ that assumes an energy of its own and becomes a major talking point in the office.
  5. Read our terms and conditions carefully before setting up your office pool. If unsure about any aspect of our pools tournaments, we will be more than happy to answer your queries.
  6. At, we constantly strive to improve our office pools services. We welcome all suggestions that will help us evolve a better service. If there are local sports tournaments that are not included in our tournament pools, we are open to facilitating them on our pools platform. Just contact us.
  7. Once again, keep the essence of fun and camaraderie in mind and enjoy your office pools at MFB. We look forward to hearing from you.


When and where are office pools legal?

Not surprisingly, there is no universal answer to this question. It all depends on the laws and regulations governing a particular locality. In the vast majority of cases, office pools are organised and enjoyed as ‘a bit of harmless fun between friends and colleagues’, which does not involve significant or substantial amounts of money. Nevertheless, the issue of legality regarding office pools is an important one that all participants must be aware of. Generally speaking, if participants in an office pool are playing for pride or perhaps ‘bragging rights’, then it is legal. However, when money is involved/exchanged, the question of legality becomes relevant. The degree of relevance can be directly correlated with the amount of money put into a particular pool, and of course the payouts/dividends awarded to the pools winner(s). Obviously, a pools tournament with high stakes will potentially award a substantial amount of money to the victor(s) of that pool and that windfall may reach the threshold of taxation.

Just because a pools tournament is organised and enjoyed ‘in-house’ between friends and colleagues does not mean news of the victor(s) winnings will remain ‘in-house’. The popularity, prevalence and ubiquity of social media means that news about the pools victor(s) is likely to be shared far and wide. Further still, imagine a disgruntled pools participant, a sore-loser, drawing attention to the amount of winnings.

Beyond the important issue of legality within a country, state, or municipality, it is important for pools participants to be aware of an employer’s or company’s policies regarding office pools. Whereas some companies explicitly prohibit pools tournaments, others may choose to ignore them or perhaps even encourage them as important team-bonding activities. Generally speaking, as a ‘rule of thumb’, most employers or companies choose to ignore office pools as long as they do not affect the employee’s quality of work and output, and so long as the setting up and running of office pools does not encroach or have a negative impact on the employer’s or company’s time and resources. To circumvent any uncertainty regarding an employer’s or company’s policy towards office pools, participants may of course choose to organise tournaments outside office hours and not use corporate emails or chat forums for the purpose.

Although it is perfectly legal and acceptable to organise and enjoy office pools outside the confines of the actual office and indeed office hours, some participants have expressed concerns regarding their involvement being flagged up on social media to their employers and non-participating colleagues who may frown on such activities. This is a very delicate issue that relates directly to the cultural milieu of the company and indeed the society at large. It is important to note that office pools are by and large, activities to be enjoyed and not taken too seriously as perhaps indicators of deviant personality traits. We at MFB believe that the overriding driver of office pools is the team-building and camaraderie potential which can arguably foster greater productivity. Whilst pitting your wits against colleagues and friends in an office pool may summon the competitive beast within, it is more important to enjoy the process and have fun fun fun.

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