Where to look for reliable free betting tips?

Where to look for reliable free betting tips?

on 23-Sep-2016 by MyFairBet Admin

Presumably every one of us has at least once in our life-time realized that a good advice is beyond all price. This traditional proverb is applicable to many life circumstances, be it choosing school or employment, making the right investment, or, as in our case, placing a bet. When it comes to placing a bet, many people rely on their own opinion, other people, on the contrary, seek for a professional advice provided by experts on betting. However, where can one actually find such experts? And is there in fact a place where one can find reliable betting tips that are furthermore free of charge?

Yes, reliable betting tips can be free of charge

If you are serious about betting but you don’t want to spend hours analysing matches’ stats, teams’ current performance or the infinite offer of bookies, the only way how to avoid betting „blindly“ is to put your faith in betting predictions of tipsters who have done all the work instead of you. If you look for reliable betting tips on the internet, you will find a countless amount of sites that offer them. Starting from simple amateur sites, through various betting forums, all the way up to professionally designed sites promising a “guaranteed” profit based on premium and paid predictions. Although design of a website may suggest a lot about its quality, it shouldn’t be the main criterion for choosing the right source of betting tips. It is the credibility and trustworthiness of data presented on the actual site that matter. If you are going to rely on betting tips from some external provider, we advise you to pay attention to the following factors:

Many sites you will come across has a very short history and their only objective is to make you buy their paid but worthless services. Therefore, be suspicious and expect that the selling arguments consisting from historical stats confirming their tipsters’ success and profit (which is promised to you as well) are most likely distorted or completely fake.

One of the typical characteristics of doubtful betting sites is the absence of community – regular and loyal users, who repeatedly visit and use the website. If you don’t see any “life” on the site (recently placed tips of several users, ongoing discussion below articles, etc.), there is a high chance that the site is just a scam.

Pay attention to the way how betting tips are presented on the site and if they are not being retrospectively modified (either via editing of the betting tips or via editing of the betting odds). A good sign of seriousness and professionality of betting advisory sites is that their betting predictions and tipsters’ stats are verified by a third party – an independent operator that is supervising placing and evaluation of bets on the site.

Spent some time thinking about who is actually profiting from running the site? Is it the users, or is it the site operator? A good example of sites where you can find reliable and free betting tips are independent platforms such as ours, which are providing a useful and honest service to their users. Primary characteristic of our platform is transparency, we have no interest in distortion of historical stats of our users, which, unfortunately, cannot be said about many paid betting advisory services whose only aim is to sell betting tips.

If somebody is trying to hide behind contact forms and doesn’t declare their contact details, the chances are pretty high that their intentions are not good.

How to choose the right tipster and how to use their free betting tips?

Let’s suppose that you have found a website that offers profitable and reliable free betting tips and has no bad intentions with you. Your next step is most likely going to be choosing a tipster whose betting predictions you will follow. But how should you actually choose this tipster? Is a tipster with 400 placed bets and average 20% profitability per bet a better choice that a tipster with 3 000 placed bets and 6% profitability per bet?

To answer this question, we can apply the following statistical causality: the more bets has a tipster placed, the higher are chances that his average achieved profitability per bet will be lower. From a thorough analysis of long-term betting statistics we assume that successful and reliable tipsters are on a long-term basis able to achieve approximately 5-10% profitability of their bets. In order to help you to choose the right tipster at our site, let us give you some recommendations:

1. Always go for tipsters, whose results are not random

If you are deciding which tipsters to follow, choose the ones who have placed at least 500 bets in the respective sport. Important indicator of a tipster’s quality is not only the profitability per bet (ROI), but also the win rate. The higher the win rate is, the more often your placed bet will be successful and the lower are the chances that the overall profit (LSP) of a tipster has been influenced by several random winnings caused by high odds. This is why you can, after registration, see on a profile page of every one of our tipsters complete tipster statistics classified according to sport, level of odds as well as according to the type of betting market.

2. Follow at least 3-4 tipsters for each sport and only place bets when the tipsters agree on them

Our analysis have proven that if you place your bets only when at least two reliable tipsters had agreed on them, your odds of winning are higher. Myfairbet.com allows you, after registration, to follow betting tips of our tipsters free of charge in a separate and well-arranged section. These free betting tips are always published six hours before start of the respective event.

Picture: a showcase of our free betting tips feed, which is accessible to every registerred user


3. If you place bets provided by our tipsters at regular bookies, always place them at a bookie with the highest odds for the actual event

The basic pre-conditions of a long term profitability from betting is to place bets at the highest available odds. If you have account only at one bookie, you are free-willingly giving up a big portion of a potential profit, which often represents the thin line between success and failure in betting. Therefore we recommend our users to open account at several booking and to place bets where the odds are highest for the event you are placing your bet on. Moreover, as a new customer, you may benefit from many welcome bonuses which the bookies offer to their new players, including free bet, return of your first stake in case of a loss, etc.

4. Strictly follow money management and don’t place more than 2% of your total pool on one event.

Betting is like a marathon rather than a sprint. Avoid taking high risk in attempt to make a quick and big profit. If your initial pool is, say, 200 EUR, we recommend you to start with a basic stake of no more than 4 EUR for an individual betting event. If you are a more aggressive tipster (you prefer placing bets on odds above 3,00), you should even decrease your stake per bet to 1% of your pool.

5. Don’t let bad betting series to bring you down

Even the best tipster sometimes experiences a bad period. If you start losing money, better take a break and don’t try to make up for the losses by undertaking higher risks. Time you allow yourself to relax will help you to gain back control over your actions.

6. Don’t be „taken for a ride” by the bookies

Whether you are placing bets based on free betting tips provided on our site or based on your own predictions, don’t get allured by the vision of a high profit caused by multiple bets. Always place just one bet on a single ticket, since your chances of winning are highest and your chances of losing are lowest in that case. Remember, bookies always promote especially that way of betting which brings them the highest margin.

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