Copa America pool 2015

Copa America pool 2015

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Which team do you predict to be the Champion at Copa América 2015? Compare your tipster skills with other tipsters in our Copa América pool 2015.

Dear sportsfan, join our Copa América 2015 football pool in few seconds. If you are passionate about football play the Copa América 2015 pool with us or even without us in a private pool. All you need to do now is:

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About our football pool Copa América 2015

Our football pool Copa América 2015 will include the complete schedule of matches played during the tournament Copa América 2015, beginning from the group stage up to the final game. It will be possible to place bets on games in our football pool several days before the official opening of the tournament which has been planned for the 11th of June and the betting will be closed shortly before the finale match scheduled for the 4th of July. Matches and bets will be evaluated continuously; the tipsters’ ranking will be based on the total achieved LSP.

Participation in our football pool Copa América 2015 is completely free of charge. Besides this, all tipsters have the opportunity to organize their own Copa América 2015 pool to play with their friends or colleagues, naturally, free of charge. 

About the Copa América 2015

The Copa América is the most prestigious football tournament for teams from the South American Football Federation (CONMEBOL), considered also the South American Football Championship. The 2015 tournament will be already its 44th edition, the host country is for the 7th time in the tournament’s history Chile. The tournament will take place between the 11th June and 4th of July in eight different cities of Chile, the final match will be played on the Chile National Stadium in Chile’s capital Santiago.

Format and participants of the Copa América 2015

Apart from the 10 countries grouped within the CONMEBOL confederation (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela), Jamaica and Mexico, which have been invited into the tournament by its organizers (the tradition of inviting 2 teams outside of CONMEBOL into the tournament began in 1993), will also participate.

The tournament’s participants are drawn into three groups of four played in a round-robin format. After the group stage matches, the best two teams from each group as well as the best two 3rd place teams advance into the quarterfinals. Quarterfinals winners advance into semi-finals, winners of which meet in the final match to play for the overall tournament’s victory. Victory in the Copa América 2015 also guarantees the winner place in the Confederation Cup 2017 hosted by Russia.

Short history of the Copa América 2015

The first tournament considered the ancestor of the Copa América was played in 1916 in Argentina and five teams took part in it. Originally, the tournament was supposed to be only a part of celebration of the 100th independency anniversary of Argentina, however, after its big success, it has become a regular event. So far seven countries have managed to win the tournament, out of which five countries have triumphed more than once. The most successful country in the tournament’s history is Uruguay with 15 titles, followed by Argentina with 14 titles.

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