Ice hockey world championship tipster competition 2017

Ice hockey world championship tipster competition 2017

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Ice hockey tipster competition for prizes in total value of 100 Eur. Join us and enjoy watching your favourite team!

The IIHF World Championship has in recent years become one of the most popular sport events. Annually, it has approximately a billion of viewers, while on average over 500 000 fans found their way directly to the stadiums during its last seven seasons. So far the most successful tournament in this respect was the 2015 World Championship that took place in the Czech Republic with total overall attendance of whopping 740,000 viewers. High popularity of this event is naturally also reflected in the increased interest in betting on the IIHF World Championship. On our website we offer a unique and easy, but very entertaining way of betting in the form of office pools. IIHF World Championship 2017 office pool is suitable for each collective which likes to watch the hockey event and has passion for betting. If you belong to such a collective, don´t hesitate and visit our website right now. Free registration, along with creating your own IIHF World Championship 2017 office pool will take you literally a couple of minutes. Just select the pre-designed template of the tournament, invite your friends or colleagues and your office pool is ready to begin. In case you do not want to create and organize your own pool, you can simply join one of our already existing pools instead. So do not hesitate, become a member our betting community right now and enjoy watching your favourite tournament more than ever before with our World Championship 2017 office pool.

Our smart office pool template for Hockey World Championship 2016 enables you to enjoy the game

Office pools have been enjoying growing popularity recently. They are popular not only in work teams, but also among friends or even family members who share passion for sport. However, not all office pools are that great. Does creating complex spreadsheets in Excel bother you? Are you tired of spending hours and hours of your time creating office pools on paper? If the answer is yes, has a solution for you. Smart tournament templates we use for organizing and management of office pools on our website will do all the hard work instead of you. Your role will be limited to selection of the desired tournament template and sending out invitations to your friends through social networks or email. All the necessary information about your office pool will be available on your wall. Overall standings of the pool, success rate of your tips and tips of the other competitors as well as a lot of other necessary information will be available in simple and transparent charts or graphs. IIHF World Championship 2017 office pool will no longer rob you of your free time. On the contrary, time we help you save can be used for detailed analysis of the tournament results or possibly to improve the success rate of your World Championship betting tips.

Rules of engagement of our office pools

Game rules of our office pools are very simple. As long as you understand the principle of the odds offer used by traditional bookies, taking part in the IIHF World Championship 2017 office pool will be no problem for you at all. Each match will have its real betting odds that, just like at traditional bookmakers, reflect the current form of both teams, or, if you like, the probability of the teams to win in the match. Individual matches can´t be combined with each other, so one match is always considered one single betting event. Stake on every betting event is fixed and it´s virtual 1 euro. When your bet is winning, you get just the amount of the odd you’ve bet on. On the contrary, if your bet is losing, you lose your virtual 1 euro stake. Since there is no deposit of real money allowed, you constantly operate with only fictitious stake. This is also why you can´t pay out your winning bets. Your aim is to finish the pool with the largest profit (LSP) out of all its contestants. The decision whether the winner of your pool also gets some physical reward is only and only up to your collective.

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About IIHF World Championship 2017

IIHF World Championship 2017 will be the 81st edition of men´s ice hockey championship and for the second time in history it will be held simultaneously in two countries - France and Germany. The first joint championship of two countries took place in year 1930 and it was then the first ever championship which was organized by two countries at the same time. Moreover, from this year onwards, the tournament started to be held annually. The tournament will be played in two cities and at two stadiums. Teams from Group A will play their matches at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany, with a capacity of 18,500 spectators. Group B matches will be played in the French capital city, Paris, at Bercy Arena with its capacity of 15,000 spectators. Semi-finals, the battle for the third place and also the final match will be held exclusively in Cologne. Championship will be traditionally played in May, namely between 5th and 21st  May. 16 national teams divided into two groups will play altogether 64 matches. The top four teams from each group will qualify for the next stage of the tournament. On the contrary, the last team from each group will be automatically relegated to the World Championship Division 1. Trio of favourites to advance to the quarterfinals from the “German” group include the national teams of Russia, Sweden and the United States. These three teams are also considered possible aspirants for overall victory in the tournament. On the other hand, the differences between all the teams are gradually diminishing, and in recent years we have often witnessed various surprising results. To take care of such surprises would definitely want the teams of Slovakia, Germany, Latvia, Denmark and Italy that complement the group A favoured trio. In the "French" group the Swiss, French, Norwegians, Belarusians and Slovenes will try to pleasantly surprise, and favourites such as Canada, Finland and the Czech Republic will definitely have to be very concentrated in matches with these five teams to secure a good result. Since 2006, the world championship title has been won by only five different national teams, namely Russia (4) Canada (3), Sweden (2), Finland and the Czech Republic (1). The Canadians presently stand out little bit out of these teams and currently reign the world hockey without any doubt. They have won the last two championships and have lost only a one single match in the group with Finland.

The IIHF World Championship 2017 office pool will surely dulcify watching your favourite sport, however, if you want to participate in an office pool, you must take into account that it also brings to all its participants certain rules and obligations that must be followed. It is important to verify if organization of office pool in your workplace is in compliance with your work rules. Some employers prohibit such activities. Moreover, there are countries where office pools are even illegal, so you need to be sure that you don´t get into any unnecessary trouble. After all, it should be primarily a leisure activity, although participation in our office pool isn´t time consuming at all, so it doesn´t waste your working time or in any way interfere with, or even negatively affect your job performance. Another objective of office pools is reinforcing relations between colleagues in the workplace, in some cases even creating new friendships between colleagues. If there is someone in your collective who doesn´t want to participate in your office pool, don´t worry, this is normal. However, make sure that such person doesn´t feel discriminated in any way, or separated from the collective. Also pay attention and try to manage the rivalry between the people who take part in your office pool. On one hand, intention to be better than others makes the pool more attractive and funnier, on the other hand, it shouldn’t be the priority of tipsters as it can create unnecessary tensions. Keep in mind that the main purpose of the office pool is to have fun and enjoy the World Championship.

Terms and Conditions of Betting in Ice hockey world championship tipster competition 2017

1. Organiser:

Inventic, s. r. o.
018 26 Plevník - Drienové 523
Slovak Republic
Identification No. of the company: 45519978


2. Template: World Ice Hockey Championship office pool 2017


3. Starts on 05.05.2017, estimated end on 21.05.2017.


4. Additional conditions of participation in the tournament:

There are no additional conditions specific to this tournament. In accordance with the Terms and Conditions, every player (natural person) must be over 18 years of age.


5. Rules of evaluation of the tournament and determination of the winners:

Standard rules based on the default evaluation criteria (in the order of priority): Level Stakes Profit (LSP), Return On Investment (ROI), Win Rate.

To qualify for the prizes, the player has to place at least 20 bets in this tournament. If there is a suspicion that a player has multiple registrations and tries to violiate the conditions, we can cancel her/his account and disqualify him/her from our competition.


6. Prizes (number, cash / non-cash, value):


1. place = 50 EUR
2. place = 30 EUR
3. place = 20 EUR


7. Additional special conditions applicable to the tournament:

There are no special conditions pertaining to this tournament.


8. All issues concerning this tournament not specifically stipulated in this statute are governed by the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of, respectively.


9. By joining the tournament, the players acknowledge and agree that their user e-mails (submitted to may be provided to the organizer of this tournament who may in turn use them in accordance with Sections 15 through 17 of the Privacy Policy.

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