Matched Betting For Beginners

The world of online betting offers many unique ways for people to place bets and win profit. If you’re new to online betting, you may have heard the term matched betting. What is this?

Matched betting is when you’re able to make a profit betting using incentives that an online betting service has offered. Many betting sites offer free bet promotions, where members can place a wager on the house for a particular sports game or online casino game. 

Are you interested to learn more about matched betting? You’ve come to the right spot. Today, we’re going to cover everything that beginners should know about matched betting.

Is Matched Betting Legit?

Matched betting is 100 % real and no, the betting provider won’t punish you if you’re caught doing it. After all, why would the betting site offer you a bonus if they didn’t want you to use it? In fact, matched betting is the legal way to make a profit without having to spend a cent of your own money. 

Nearly every online casino and sports betting service offers bonuses and promotions to its members. Not only does this encourage them to join, but it also encourages members to keep coming back. One of the most common offers is a free bet. This is when you can wager a certain amount set by the house on an event or game from the betting service.

If you win the bet using a free bet offer, you will get to keep the profits. 

Is Matched Betting Profitable?

One of the things that’s appealing about matched betting is that it’s completely risk-free. Since you’re not wagering your own money, it doesn’t hurt to lose. However, winning is also very sweet because it’s like you’re being handed free money. Every free bet offer will be worth up to a certain amount, so your profits will vary depending on the bet. 

Experienced bettors recommend signing up for multiple online betting sites. This way, you will be able to take advantage of more bonus offers for matched betting. When you sign-up for new sites, you’ll also be able to use the new member bonus, which is usually very enticing. 

Matched Betting Tips For Beginners

  • Sign-up to the email lists for all betting services you join to ensure you’re always alerted first when a new free bet or promo offer is available. 
  • To ensure you stay in the profit zone, never use your own money for gambling.
  • Stay persistent, as it takes time to build a profit from matched betting
  • Do as much research as possible before you start.

Final Thoughts

Matched betting can be a great way to earn a profit without having to gamble your own money. However, in order to be successful, you can’t leave a free offer behind. Make sure you know when a promo offer expires so you use it before it’s gone. The more offers you’re able to use, the higher chance you have of increasing your matched betting profits.