2014–15 Premier League football pool

2014–15 Premier League football pool

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Progress: finished

Players: 373

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3x FC Barcelona jersey

Join our football pool based on the most popular football league of the World - the English Premier League. Play with us or your colleagues at your office.

Dear sportsfan, you are just a few clicks from taking part in our 2014-2015 Premier league football pool! If you want to join our football pool, all you need to do now is:How Myfairbet works-new-banner.jpg

Our english Premier league football pool will consists of complete schedule of matches which will be played in the season 2014 - 2015. If you want to test your betting skills without any risk or just have fun, do not hesitate and join us. If you end our season pool within the top three players, you will get from us the original FC Barcelona jersey as a small gift.

You have also the possibility to set up and play your very own office pool based on our Premier League pool template for free - regardles how many tipsters will join. The preparation of your own office pool will take no more than 30 seconds. Yes, it's that easy..

Terms and Conditions of Betting in 2014–15 Premier League football pool

  1. Organiser:

    Inventic, s. r. o.
    018 26 Plevník - Drienové 523
    Slovak Republic
    Identification No. of the company: 45519978
  2. Template: 2014–15 Premier League football pool

  3. Starts on 16-Aug-2014, estimated end on 24-May-2015.

  4. Additional conditions of participation in the tournament:

    There are no additional conditions specific to this tournament. In accordance with the Terms and Conditions, every player (natural person) must be over 18 years of age.
  5. Rules of evaluation of the tournament and determination of the winners:

    Standard rules based on the default evaluation criteria apply, in order of priority: Level Stakes Profit (LSP), Return On Investment (ROI), Win Rate.

    To qualify for the prizes, the player has to place at least 100 bets in this tournament.

    The organiser will contact the winners via email to confirm their age and to negotiate the handover of the prizes within 7 working days after the tournament has finished. If a player will not reply to this email message within 7 working days, the prize will not be awarded to the player in question.
  6. Prizes (number, cash / non-cash, value):

    1. place = FC Barcelona jersey
    2. place = FC Barcelona jersey
    3. place = FC Barcelona jersey
  7. Additional special conditions applicable to the tournament:

    There are no special conditions pertaining to this tournament.
  8. All issues concerning this tournament not specifically stipulated in this statute are governed by the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of MyFairBet.com, respectively.

  9. By joining the tournament, the players acknowledge and agree that their user e-mails (submitted to www.myfairbet.com) may be provided to the organizer of this tournament who may in turn use them in accordance with Sections 15 through 17 of the Privacy Policy.

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