Tipster Competition September 2017

Basic Information

Progress: 79%


01-Sep-2017 UTC

30-Sep-2017 UTC


1. Place = 30 Eur,
2. Place = 20 Eur,
3. Place = 10 Eur.



Top 3 Tipsters
















Win Rate

Terms and Conditions of Betting

1. Organiser:

Inventic, s. r. o.
018 26 Plevník - Drienové 523
Slovak Republic
Identification No. of the company: 45519978


2. Tipster competition starts on 01.09.2017, ends on 30.09.2017.


3. Additional conditions of participation in the tournament:

Conditions of participation in tipster competition are specified in the general Terms and Conditions. In accordance with the Terms and Conditions, every player (natural person) must be over 18 years of age and can have only one account at The player has to fill in the home country in his profile. (Go to main menu > select page "manage profile").


4. Rules of evaluation of the tournament and determination of the winners:

Standard rules based on the default evaluation criteria (in the order of priority): Level Stakes Profit (LSP), Return On Investment (ROI), Win Rate.

The first condition to qualify for the prizes is that the player has to place at least 50 bets but not more than 300 bets in a particular tipster competition. If the player exceeds the limit of 300 hundred bets (you place 301 and more tips) he will lose the possibility to win the monthly prize.


Our next condition to qualify for awarding prizes is the requirement of positive LSP score in particular tipster competition.


5. Prizes:

1. place = 30 €,
2. place = 20 €,
3. place = 10 €.

In the case that an awarded player does not meet all criteria necessary for awarding the prize, the next player in order will be entitled to win a prize.


6. Handover of prizes:

The organizer will contact winners of the competition via email to confirm the fulfillment of competition's conditions, the tipster's age as well as to negotiate the handover of the prizes within 10 working days after the tipster competition has finished. The tipster competition is considered completed after the result of the last match will be known. If the results will be delayed due to interruption of the games or other external circumstances, rules of evaluating results specified in the section Frequently Asked Questions will be applied.


In case of awarding a financial prize to a player who is a Slovak citizen, the money will be transferred via a bank transfer, in case of awarding the prize to a player who is a citizen of another country, the money will be transferred via the service called If a player doesn't have a Skrill account, he can open it via this link, the service is provided free of charge.


If a player doesn't respond to this email message within 10 working days, the prize will not be awarded to the player in question.


7. All issues concerning this tournament not specifically stipulated in this statute are governed by the General Terms and ConditionsFrequently Asked Questions and the Privacy Policy of, respectively.


8. By joining the tournament, the players taking part in it acknowledge and agree that their user e-mails (submitted to may be provided to the organizer of this tournament who may, in turn, use them in accordance with Sections 15 through 17 of the Privacy Policy.


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