World Cup 2018 tipster competition

World Cup 2018 tipster competition

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Are you a passionate football fan? Join our free World Cup 2018 tipster competition or create your own competition for your friends!

World Cup 2018 tipster competition

The FIFA World Cup is one of the world’s most watched sport events. Only the final match of each of the last three championships itself was always watched by more than 700 million fans worldwide. If we add up spectators of all 64 tournament matches of the last championship, we would come to a whopping number of 28 billion viewers. In addition to this incredible figure, the tournament’s audience constantly increases, just like the interest in the World Cup 2018 office pool that is available to everyone for free on our website (although our audience is still a bit smaller J). To create your own tipster tournament you just need a bunch of friends or colleagues with the same passion for football and literally a few seconds to choose one of our tournament templates. However, if even that is too much trouble for you, you can simply join the existing World Cup 2018 tournament organized by us and compete with other members of our betting community. The office pool will undoubtedly help you sweeten an already excellent experience of the World Cup. So don’t hesitate, register on our free website and compete with us.

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Why should you organize a World Cup 2018 office pool?

The World Cup 2018 office pool is the right activity for every group in which football is one of the major themes of conversations, whether it's colleagues, friends or even family members, because similar tournaments can contribute to a more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in any collective. If you decide to set up your own office pool on our website, you certainly won’t regret it. Compared to the old "pen and paper" system and also to many other similar websites, you save a lot of time and worry with us. In just two simple steps which take literally few seconds, you can create your own tipster tournament. As soon as that’s done, you can send a direct link to your tournament to your friends, using either social networks or email. The more people you invite and get to join the tournament, the funnier and more exciting the tournament will be. Up-to-date results of each player will be available in simple and transparent graphs which also serve for comparison with others. On the tournament site you can also easily find all the necessary statistics and information that can be used to your advantage.

Competition rules of the World Cup 2018 office pool

The World Cup 2018 office pool has very simple rules. If you understand the principles of booking at standard bookies, you won´t have any problems with our tournaments. Each betting event is associated with real betting odds, exactly as you are used to at a traditional betting office. Betting odds are derived from real performances and statistics which are available for that particular event. There is no cumulative bet, so each match is always recognized as a single betting event. The value of the deposit is fixed and it is a fictitious one Euro. When your bet wins, you win the value of the odd of the betting event. Conversely, if your bet loses, you lose fictitious one Euro (please note that winning bets are not paid). Overall tournament standings as well as the on-going fictional earnings of every player are easy to find on your tournament wall. The goal of each participant is to end the tournament with the largest profit. To spice up the atmosphere of your own World Cup 2018 office pool, you can agree within your collective on a possible award for its winner.

Basic information about World Cup 2018

2018 FIFA World Cup will after 12 years take once again place on the old continent, specifically in Russia, which will be the tournament’s host for the very first time in its history. Russia withstood the competition of England and two pairs, Spain-Portugal and Holland-Belgium. The tournament will be played in 11 Russian cities, namely Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Volgograd, Saransk, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi and Yekaterinburg. Almost all cities are located in the European part of Russia to reduce travel time of each national team. The tournament’s matches will be played at 12 stadiums, of which only 3 will remain at their current state, 3 will be renovated and 6 of them will be newly built. The largest of them - Luzhniki Olympic Stadium with capacity of almost 80 000 spectators, will host a total of six matches, including the opening match of the domestic national team and also the final game of the tournament. The first match is scheduled for June 14, while the finals will be held about a month later, on July 15. Overall, the tournament features 32 national teams, which will play 64 matches altogether. Yet the only team which has the certainty of playing at the World Cup is Russia, as the host country. The other 31 participants are still unknown, pending results of a qualification which is already underway on all continents. Considering the current standings of teams in the on-going qualification, there is still a chance to qualify for World Cup for as many as 113 national teams. The qualification ends on November 14, 2017 and the World Cup group stage draw will take place in Moscow on December 1, 2017. From Asia 5 teams can qualify for the final tournament (4 directly and 1 through inter-confederation play-off). For the European teams, there are 13 slots available (except Russia). In May this year, Kosovo and Gibraltar were officially recognized as members of FIFA, therefore they have been included in the qualification group and they can fight to participate in the World Cup. CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Footballs) will have three representatives who qualify directly and one team could still get to the final tournament through the inter-confederation playoff. There will be five national teams from Africa at the World Cup as well. From South America there will be at least four teams which may be supplemented by one more team that will compete for the two remaining slots in playoff. The winner of the Ocean Football Federation qualification group won´t proceed directly, but it still has to play two matches of inter-confederation playoff against teams on fifth places from South America and Asia, and the team on the fourth place from CONCACAF group.

Before organising a World Cup 2018 office pool at your office, please mind your corporation rules first

The organisation of The World Cup 2018 office pool at your work is connected with certain rules and obligations, which must be carefully considered by all participants. If you decide to organize the tournament within your work team, all of you must study the work policy of your company to avoid any unnecessary problems. In some companies organization of such tournaments can be an strictly prohibited. In certain countries, such tournaments are even against state legislation. Knowledge of the relevant laws should be the number one priority for you as the tournament organizer. Office pools should mainly remain a leisure activity. In any case, it shouldn’t be a work time drainer for you and your colleagues and it shouldn’t have any negative impact on your work ethic as well. The tournament should be fun in the first place. It shouldn’t be the only topic of conversation at the workplace and if some people of your group decide not to participate, they shouldn’t feel like they are separated from the other staff members. On the contrary, it should strengthen work relationships and lead to a relaxed workplace in which everyone feels comfortably. A specific dose of rivalry between competitors is certainly in order, without it, the tournament wouldn’t be so interesting and could actually be kind of boring, however, don’t forget that office pools are all about fun and should primarily make watching your favourite sport much more enjoyable and exciting.

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