World Ice Hockey Championship 2015

World Ice Hockey Championship 2015

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The 2015 Ice Hockey World Championship will be after 11 years hosted again by the Czech Republic, precisely in the cities Prague and Ostrava. For Prague, this will be already the 10th hosted Ice hockey world championship out of the total number of 79 championships (including the 2015 tournament) organized so far.

About country hosting the championship was as usually decided at an IIHF congress, this specific one took place during the 2010 World Championship in Germany’s Koln. Czech Republic won the candidature over Ukraine quite unambiguously with 84 votes against 22. For Ukraine it was the second unsuccessful candidature in a row, as it had also applied to host the Ice hockey world championship in 2014 which was eventually assigned to Belarus.

The championship will be played between the 1st of May 2015 until the 17th of May 2015 in Prague’s O2 arena with capacity of 17 360 viewers and Ostrava’s CEZ arena with capacity of 10 109 spectators. These two stadiums were until the last ice hockey championship holding the record in number of visitors of the championships which was achieved in 2004. The Belarus arenas Cizovka and Minsk, however, took over this primacy, not only because of the higher number of matches played during the tournament due to its format change compare to year 2004, but also because of a higher average number of spectators per match. An overview of the most successful championships in terms of number of visitors is presented in the table below.

TOP 10 of the most visited championships




Number of visitors

Number of matches










Czech Republic






























Finland and Sweden












Sweden and Finland










It is quite likely though that after one year we will witness another breach of this record since there will be 8 more games played in the Czech Republic compare to the year 2004 and the capacity of CEZ arena has also been increased. Another element which will definitely influence the attendance in a positive way is the participation of Slovakia in the ‘’Ostrava” group, as Ostrava is geographically significantly closer for Slovak fans than Prague. Originally, Slovakia was supposed to play together with the Czech Republic in the “Prague” group, the championship organisers, however, managed to achieve an exemption and Slovakia was exchanged with Switzerland that was initially to play in the “Ostrava” group. Similar exemption occurred during the 2012 and 2013 championships when Finland and Sweden didn’t play in one group either.

Participants of the 2015 Ice hockey world championship

Similarly to the last year’s tournament, 16 national teams will be present at the 2015 championship. The Czech Republic team has qualified into the tournament as the hosting country (CR would have, however, also qualified based on its final position in the 2014 championship), Austria and Slovenia have qualified through promotion from the IIHF World Championship Division I in 2014 and the outstanding 13 teams have qualified due to their placement at the 2014 IIHF World Championship.

  1. Group "A" (Prague, O2 arena): Sweden, Canada, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Latvia, France, Germany, Austria.
  2. Group "B" (Ostrava, CEZ arena): Finland, Russia, USA, Slovakia, Norway, Belarus, Slovenia, Denmark.

Format of the 2015 IIHF World Championship

The tournament comprises of four rounds – preliminary round, quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals. 16 teams, which are divided into two groups, will participate in the preliminary round. From each group, first four teams based on their standings proceed to the quarterfinals where they will play a cross-over (1A:4B, 2A:3B, 1B:4A, 2B:3A). The winners of these matches will advance to the semi-finals, where winner of the 1A:4B game will play against winner of 2B:3A and winner of 1B:4A will meet with winner of 2A:3B game. Teams which will lose in the semi-finals will play against each other for the bronze medal and teams which will win in the semi-finals will compete for the gold medal and the 2015 World Champion title.

The matches for the gold and bronze medal will determine the final ranking of the top 4 teams. The teams that did not qualify from the preliminary round, as well as the teams that lost in the quarter-finals will be evaluated according to their previous positions in the groups in the quarter-final rounds.

The final ranking of the teams will be determined as follows:

1. Higher position in the group
2. Higher number of points
3. Better goal difference
4. Higher number of goals scored for
5. Better seeding number

Two teams with the worst tournament placement will be moved to the 2016 IIHF World Championship Division I Group A. At the same time, the top two teams from the 2015 IIHF World Championship Division I Group A will be promoted to the 2016 IIHF World Championship

Logo of the 2015 IIHF World Championship

Theme of 2015 championship logo is based on a lion – one of the state symbols of the Czech Republic and its colours are based on the Czech tricolour – red, blue and white. The logo of each of the ice hockey championships must, however, strictly follow the design manual of the IIHF, which doesn’t leave much place for designers’ creativity. That is also the main reason why are all the championships logos so similar to each other.

Mascot of the 2015 IIHF World Championship

The mascot of the 2015 championship has not been introduced yet. The championship organisers must have given up their original idea to use as the tournament’s mascot the around the world famous cartoon – the Mole, whose creator is the Czech author Zdenek Miler. This was due to still unsettled copyrights since the Zdenek Miler’s death. The organisers however suggested that even the back-up solution for the mascot will be based on a famous Czech fairy-tale character. To choose the right mascot which can be even recognized by foreign visitors will be crucial to the organisers in order to achieve good takings from sales of souvenirs.

Ticket pricing and financials of the 2015 IIHF World Championship

The final price of the tournament’s entry tickets will be only known after the definite confirmation of the tournament schedule. Based on the schedule, the organiser will define the price of the individual tickets and packages. According to the first official statements of the organisers, the price in the preliminary round should range between 10 EUR for the most affordable tickets to approximately 40 EUR for the most expensive tickets.

The organisers estimate that the championship’s turnover will be around 18 million EUR, whereby as much as 90% of this amount should come from admission fees. It is therefore very important that the organisers set the ticket prices right to avoid the situation occurred during the championship in 2013 in Sweden where the matches had been played in front of half-empty tribunes and the tournament ended up with a loss of 2,5 million EUR. The Czech organisers would like to achieve similar outcomes but in black rather than red figures. Fingers crossed.

Terms and Conditions of Betting in World Ice Hockey Championship 2015

  1. Organiser:

    Inventic, s. r. o.
    018 26 Plevník - Drienové 523
    Slovak Republic
    Identification No. of the company: 45519978
  2. Template: World Ice hockey Championship 2015

  3. Starts on 1-May-2015, estimated end on 17-May-2015.

  4. Additional conditions of participation in the tournament:

    There are no additional conditions specific to this tournament. In accordance with the Terms and Conditions, every player (natural person) must be over 18 years of age.
  5. Rules of evaluation of the tournament and determination of the winners:


    Standard rules based on the default evaluation criteria apply, in order of priority: Level Stakes Profit (LSP), Return On Investment (ROI), Win Rate.

    To qualify for the prizes, the player has to place at least 20 bets in this tournament. If there is a suspicion that a player has multiple registrations and tries to violiate the conditions, we can cancel her/his account and disqualify him/her from our competition.


    To qualify for the prizes, the organiser has to arrange a competition which consists of at least 10 unique players. The best organiser competition will be evaluated on the 12th of May 2015 at 23.59 UTC+2. Three organisers with the most players in their tournament will be awarded a prize according to the below description. One organizer can only be awarded one prize. The list of organisers will be available at a special link announced by the administrator on the tournament’s page.

    If there is a suspicion that a player has multiple registrations and tries to violiate the conditions, we can cancel her/his account and disqualify him/her from our competition.

    The organiser will contact the winners via email to confirm their age and to negotiate the handover of the prizes within 7 working days after the tournament has finished (17-May-2015). If a player does not reply to this email message within 7 working days, the prize will not be awarded to the player in question.
  6. Prizes (number, cash / non-cash, value):


    1. place = 100 EUR
    2. place = 50 EUR
    3. place = 30 EUR


    1. place = 50 EUR
    2. place = 30 EUR
    3. place = 20 EUR
  7. Additional special conditions applicable to the tournament:

    There are no special conditions pertaining to this tournament.
  8. All issues concerning this tournament not specifically stipulated in this statute are governed by the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of, respectively.

  9. By joining the tournament, the players acknowledge and agree that their user e-mails (submitted to may be provided to the organizer of this tournament who may in turn use them in accordance with Sections 15 through 17 of the Privacy Policy.

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